what is your style of photography?

i just click photos and you will see your kid’s pic as you see your kid everyday.. nothing special in it. you are going to find the special facts when the click becomes memory… 🙂


what is the location you choose?

its your choice, where the kid is comfortable, park, your home.


how many photos will you click?

no limit, just click till the end of session.


what about clothes? which one would you prefer?

its your wish, whichever dress you think your kid looks awesome. that is fine.


how should we prepare/plan before you start clicking?

its simple, if the kid is happy, everything is fine.


how long do you click?

hmmm 1 hour, no 2 hours? 3 hours? it depends, mood of your kid, location, light.


when can we expect to see pics after you click?

tough question. you can  see just after i finish clicks. but do you really make your choice right on spot? no, it is not possible. so i will take 7-8 days of my time to correct colors, lighting and share with you. You select the pics of your choice and order.


when can we expect to recieve print/enlargment/album?

as soon as i get it from lab, i will drop them at your door steps, approximately 10days once you confirm the order.


what about payment?

you pay 50% amount when you ask me for clicks and confirm date. you will not get this amount back, if there are some extreme scenarios. another 50%? when i give clicked pics. order is not discussed here.


any reschedule is possible?

he he, yes of course. i know sometime something will happen so everything will go smoothly as we planned. fine we can reschedule .


what else will you do if we ask?

collage, greeting cards, laminations.


how much do you charge?

contact me (move mouse pointer to bottom right corner)… i will get back to you with details.

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